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Developing a customer-centric ecommerce website is not a very easy task. All businesses are different, and that’s why we study on your current and future needs of your online store. Our team secures your investment on digital store by crafting an incomparable website for your business. From performance status optimization to bug solution, we are skilled at everything. Moreover, we also give you emergency assistance at any time you need. Our ecommerce web design company always uses latest ecommerce tools and techniques for providing the best solution.

    What to Get From Our Ecommerce Website Design Company

  • Creates every design, which encourages visitors in taking instant action to make purchase
  • Offers tested and thoroughly assessed website that help you to get clear analytics on everyday deals
  • Makes your ecommerce website design unique by applying creativity
  • Helps in increasing your ROI from the online store
  • Presents unparalleled website quality and highest performance status

eCommerce Website Design Services

ecommerce design services

Effective UI and UX

Our programmers and designers get collaborated to form the best UI and make sure that your shoppers will get an outstanding experience. It is easy for them to add products to their online shopping basket and go through checkout process.

ecommerce design services

Brilliant Landing Page

While the visitors hit your shop, your landing page design affects their shopping decision. We insert the best elements to this page.

ecommerce design services

SEO Friendly Portal

The qualified designers and web developers of our best ecommerce website design company test out whether your website is getting indexed rightly on Google and other engines. By using the clean codes, we offer you optimized website.

ecommerce design services

Attract More Visitors

As we consider SEO and other effective web design elements, your website will appear in SERP several times. Thus, you will get more clicks and several visitors to your platform.

ecommerce design services

Seamlessly Integration of All of Your Systems

Whether it is an invoicing system or an inventory management tool, we integrate everything to make your ecommerce site successful. Manage your customers and their deals very easily.

ecommerce design services


Due to the better functionality of our website, you will find lots of lead conversions and up-selling potentials at your easily navigable online portal.

responsive portfolio

Make Your ecommerce Store Much Friendly to Both Desktop and Mobile Platforms

56 percent of online traffic reaches a website from various mobiles, and not PC or desktop. Avoid the risk of losing these customers as they may not use their mobile for accessing to a desktop-friendly site. At N2R TECHNOLOGIES, our best ecommerce website design company create a platform, which look attractive on every device.

However, we also know the way of differentiating the meaning of two terms- mobile site and responsive website. The first one indicates the full mobile version, which may not work smoothly on the desktop platforms. In most cases, we choose the responsive ecommerce portal for our clients. Though Smartphone is getting more value to the customers, there are still many users, who love shopping using their laptop.

Our ecommerce web design company has the most skilled programmers and coders to create a responsive digital store. From any web-accessible gadgets, your customers may start shopping from your store.

By using HTML 5, we also help you in presenting the multimedia online content in your portal. You will get amazed at seeing the everyday performance level of your store. So, get the help of our web designers and have ultimate solution.

Our Process

  • Show you samples

    While you have chosen our team, we show us our previous works to give you an idea of our ecommerce website designing skills. If those works are acceptable to you, we can deal with you

  • Distinctive requirements

    We make in-depth research to have an understanding on your needs. Your online retail infrastructure will surely be highly different from that of your competitors

  • Ecommerce development platform choice

    We speak to you about our preference over ecommerce store development framework. Usually, we choose OpenCart for most of the websites

  • Sketching your site

    We make out the features and overall design that we are going to create for you. It helps us to continue with our work confidently. Flexibility and usability- these are two factors that we consider while developing every online store

  • Developing the final site

    From OpenCart to HTML coding, we have knowledge on every technicalities to present you with an error-free bespoke website design

  • Launching the product

    It’s the time to launch your website. You don’t need to apply any effort for adjusting it. Our ecommerce website design company tests out every element and functionality of our site.

Why Our ecommerce Website Designing Company Solutions are More Effective to Beat Others

Ecommerce website development is now one of the most important necessities to the online store owners. Our ecommerce website design company knows that it is mainly the design, which affects the purchase decision of your potential customers. From module to plug-ins, we apply everything to create a powerful website. Contact with our talented and skilled professionals and have success in your target of increasing online sales.

Tailored templates

No design can be good without personalized solution. We add specialized premium templates, which are designed only for your website.

Professional Team

You can get into your website and make modification or new updates using the CMS system.

Contact form

Let your customers contact with you using a digital form. Our ecommerce website design company creates a compelling form for your platform.

Social platform integration

After reading your blogs, your website visitors may like to share the important information on Twitter or Facebook. We add buttons of most of the popular social media sites.

Transaction notification

Our ecommerce website design has unique features to help you in getting a notification while the customers make transaction through your website.

Multilingual support

You try to achieve a global reach of your online business, and thus, our ecommerce web design company helps you in presenting a multilingual ecommerce website.

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