Loom and Needle

Loom and Needle

Project Briefing

A beautifully designed home is a wonderful place to live.

Therefore, our aim has always been to create exceptional window treatments that features inspirational designs, creating a totally different 'lifestyle' look, which will add infinite style to your home. “We wanted to create individual style with contemporary, sophisticated designs for all areas of the home.”

Fabrics are selected for their comfort, whilst retaining a luxurious quality. Choose from a selection of beautiful woven fabrics, patterns and plains, exquisite printed and embroidered silks and sheers, and sumptuous velvets.

Our focus is to create luxury that's affordable to all. So far we've scoured the globe for high quality materials, exceptional components and exclusive designs and used them to create exceptional products, all at attainable costs.

Technologies we use

  • Java Script
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • PHP 7.1.14
  • jQuery 2.1.1
  • MySQLi

Live Server Details

Please let us know if you want to contact our client for the verification of our work & we would be happy to provide you contact details of this client.