Project Briefing

Motopep is an Online Shop Car Accessories and Technician which help customers to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience when buying accessories for their car. It is store which delivers great value and outstanding services. Based on customer selection details it shows accessories so that they can choose products from it. Customer can buy interiors as well as exteriors accessories like Fog Lights, Bumper, Seat Covers etc. Motopep offers both delivery and installation services for products that need any kind of specialized installation.

Technologies we use

  • CodeIgniter
  • Java Script
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • PHP 7.1.14
  • jQuery 2.1.1
  • MySQLi

Live Server Details

Please let us know if you want to contact our client for the verification of our work & we would be happy to provide you contact details of this client.