Dehat Kart

Dehat Kart

Project Briefing

Dehat Kart is the culmination of a path breaking idea of wealth creation through entrepreneurial empowerment of people of rural India where the majority of India’s population reside. The number in terms of the population in the Indian rural and semi urban area is more than 1 Bn . Developing Trust with our Business and providing Quality and Values to make them happy .

Rural and Semi-Urban India still have a distant dream of experiencing the good shopping practices . Shoppers monopoly, spurious product markets, unavailability of right product, high cost of quality product etc, are the main problems in rural Indian markets. Lower education, reliability & trust of local market, Low purchasing capacity, different customer behaviour have been the main hurdles in the path of any new technological innovation to provide the best and hassle free marketing experience . We are a team of diverse expertise, and have developed a concept to provide a new, noble technological solution which will take care of the Demand of progressive rural population of India.

Technologies we use

  • CodeIgniter
  • Node.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • PHP 7.1.14
  • jQuery 2.1.1
  • MySQLi
  • Ajax

Live Server Details

Please let us know if you want to contact our client for the verification of our work & we would be happy to provide you contact details of this client.