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Auto Email Clients to Rate and Review Products

Ready to get started with Auto Email Clients to Rate & Review Products Extension  for OpenCart  to grow your business ? 

Auto Email Clients to Rate and Review Products (Create and send automatic mails to customers to review your products) Extension is used to request customer to review the product by sending a automatic mail right after a customer has purchased a product from your store you can request a review. 
One can easily create and send automatic mails using cron job to customers to review your products.after specified number of days from order creation or order status.
Reviews are very affecting in the obtaining determination made by client, and many online store are displaying client reviews on product page to drive modification.
Post asset emails plays a crucial role in the client lifecycle and is a great way to keep in touch with your old customers to build a loyal customer base. The post investment review emails are a great way to get assessment from your old client. 
Client assessment not just adds integrity to your company but also helps in making your product pages standout and helps you to boost your search engine rankings. Client reviews also play a key role in determining other prospects assessing possible purchases and serves as testimonials.
Product review emails have been confirm to implement the second highest modification rate next to spontaneity cart emails and client who add a review reportedly go on to make another purchase.
An anxiety is that compiling client reviews can be a complex affair - after all, once you’ve received a purchase, it’s incredibly easy to forget to go back and review it. Posting a well-timed email demanding a client review can be a great way of jogging client recollections.

Automatically triggers review request emails at the specified time & order status

        using cron job

Email can also be sent manually from the admin panel
Separate Review form page
Email HTML editor
Reminder Emails feature
Automatically login to website
Multi-language Supported
Easy to use
Active Support
Customize your Emails according to your needs.

How to Install the Extension
1.    Download and Extract the Zip File.
2.    Upload the Admin Folder to the Main Directory.
3.    After Uploading the Admin Folder Go to Extensions >> Installer & Upload the   
       OCMOD Zip file which contains the upload folder & Install.php File.
4.    After Uploading the OCMOD, Go to Extensions >> Modifications & Click on Clear   
5.    Now Go to Extensions>>Extensions and Select Modules from the Dropdown
6.    Find “Auto Review System” Module and Click on Install.
       NOTE: If you do not have permission you will have to set permission to
                   modules/autoreviewsystem from the top administrator user group
                   from within the admin configuration user menu.
7.    After Installing the Module, Click on Edit Button. 
       a.   Click on General Tab.
             •  Change Module Status to Enabled.
             •  Fill the Form fields.
       b. Click on Mail Tab and fill all the required mail details.
8.    Now Go to Extensions >> Modifcations & Click on Refresh Button on Top right     


The extension is tested and guaranteed to work under 2.x.x, 3.x.x versions of OpenCart and its all distributions.

For support, please send mail to
email: info@n2rtechnologies.com
skype: n2rtechnologies
For More Extensions Visit here:  https://www.n2rtechnologies.com/opencart-extensions



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Extension Details
Version 1.0
VQMOD Required Yes
MultiStore Support Yes

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