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Opencart Facebook Pixel Tracking Code Free Download

Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel

Opencart Facebook Pixel Extension will allow you to track your user event like Page View, Add to Cart, Checkout etc On Facebook Dashboard for your facebook Ads.

This extension will record all the user events:

This extension will track the below events:

  • Content View
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Payment
  • Checkout Success

This Opencart facebook extension is easily install without override any file using ocmod and compatible will almost all themes.

Please check video for Installation

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How to Install Facebook Pixel on Opencart

How to Create Facebook Pixel ID

  • Move to Pixels Tab in your Advert Manager.
  • Now Click on Create Pixel.
  • Click on Create Pixel Button to Create your pixel.

Now your are ready to setup events on your site.

  • Now from Pixel Tabs Click on Setup Pixel
  • Select Manually Install Code
  • Click on Continue
  • Click on Install Events
  • Click on Toggle to track your event
  • If you needed you can add conversion also.

Install Facebook Pixel Extension on Your Opencart Store

  • Unzip the files
  • Upload the files to the corresponding directories.
  • From the Administration panel enter Modules from the Extensions menu.
  • Install Facebook Pixel module.
  • If you do not have permission you will have to set permission to modules/fbpixel from the top administrator user group from within the admin configuration user menu.
  • Edit the Facebook Pixel settings
    • Add Facebook Id
    • Enable Status to use it
  • Add Facebook Pixel Id
  • Now from modification, click refresh button from top right corner.
For theme compatiblity. Send Request for Support

How to Test Your Pixel

  • From Chrome Web Store Search Facebook Pixel
  • Click on Add Extension
Page View Event
View Content Event
Add To Cart
Extension Details
Version 2.0.0
VQMOD Required No
MultiStore Support Yes

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