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Opencart Free Themes

Do you sell electronic items online? Or, you may be a retailer of fashion products. The modern shoppers love to buy everything from the online platforms. That is why lots of dealers, sellers and brand owners in almost every domain have started developing a digital store to promote their products. They are trying to compete against each other by offering high quality products at a lower rate. So, how will you gain the customers’ attention to your own store? Have a good setup of your ecommerce platform by using OpenCart themes free.At N2R TECHNOLOGIES, we help you to avail the best free OpenCart themes for your website.

We know that as one of the new store owners, you like to try out the free themes. By using our themes, you can learn more about OpenCart solutions. So, we have made a good collection of these best OpenCart free themes.

OpenCart is one of the open source PHP based digital shopping cart systems and ecommerce store management tools. We prefer it for its simplicity and good functionality. Moreover, OpenCart themes also present you with the attractive interface and easier solutions for your ecommerce business. Whether you have a large or small ecommerce store, OpenCart theme is the right solution for you. Just as other known platforms, including Prestashop and Shopify, OpenCart presents you with a friendly dashboard, and all the menus (like sales, catalog and extensions) look much straightforward. As one of the online owners, you can control your business at any time from all the devices. The simple admin panel makes your task easier.
OpenCart, as a store management tool, was released in the year, 2012, and since then, it has undergone several modifications. Now, we have made a list of features that you can get in our pre-made OpenCart themes.

OpenCart Themes- Both heavier and lighter ones

We have a collection of both these types of themes. The heavy themes are full of features and functionalities. Thus, they also have lots of resources for developing your online store. However, one of the demerits of these themes is that they take much time to get loaded. That is why we have also designed lighter OpenCart themes free. While you are choosing themes, you may check out the features, which are really essential to your store. Our developers have created themes to meet all types of business needs. Many of our clients do not like the presence of several complicated features, and for them, these light themes serve best.

SEO-optimized Store

Choose our OpenCart themes free, and make your digital store search engine optimized. Our optimized OpenCart themes ecommerce will surely enable you to present organized data or content to Google. On your product description pages, you can add this structured content. From the image of the products to its availability information, everything can be arranged easily.

Responsive Theme Design

With our OpenCart themes free, you will enjoy fluid and flexible layouts for your digital store. Our free collection contains responsive themes, and thus, your store can be seen from a device of any dimension. Whether your potential customers are using a desktop or a mobile, they will be able to view your store and find out the products easily from the catalogue. They can make a purchase at any time from your store. From small mobile screens to HD display, your website interface will fit to everything.

Comprehensive Documentation

You have no concern on the way of installing our OpenCart3 themes for your online store. Pick any of the free themes from our collection, and then find good documentation that will enable you in easy installation.

Fastest Loading Speed

Your store visitors can load your pages with good speed due to the semantic coding of our best OpenCart themes.

Helps In Sorting Products Easily

It is one of the special features, intended to help your customers in sorting the available items by various parameters, like price rates, name, brand name, model numbers and ratings. So, every visitor can get the desired item within a short time.

Quick View

Your customers just need to move their mouse pointer over the images of your products. While they click on it, the detailed information window appears on the screen. You can display the price, video, photo, rating and other details. Use the best OpenCart themes. and give them comprehensive data on the product easily.

Multilingual Presentation

We know that you have customers from various countries. That is why the best free OpenCart themes., which are able to support the multilingual functionality. It will be easier for you to translate the content of your website into any language. Make your online store globally acceptable.

Three-dimensional Effect

The best OpenCart themes enable you to add this effect to your online store. You can make your shop more interactive and dynamic. You can get your audience and website visitors more engaged to the content.


We know that you try to make your store free from mess. Due to the presence of dropdown menu, you can present a clear, clutter-free website. Your product subcategories are now easily navigable. The menu helps you in keeping the content more organized with our best OpenCart themes. In addition to it, the users can zoom out the image and details of products with simple clicks on their mobile screen. Thus, rely on our free OpenCart themes commerce to create an effective online store. Customize your store with the use of these themes. At N2R TECHNOLOGIES, we have concentrated on the OpenCart solutions that remove all the concerns of ecommerce store owners. We have tried to integrate the latest features to these themes. Though they are OpenCart themes free., you can still gain value from them. Your customers will feel much comfortable to buy any item from your store. If you look for more features, you can call our developers for the premium themes.